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Create Your Own Coffee Bar

Coffee bar with neatly organized jars, mugs, and coffee machines.

Streamline your morning routine

Is your morning cup of Joe hasty, as you rush out the door? Or maybe you have the luxury of more leisure time? Whatever your routine, a dedicated coffee bar puts everything you need at your fingertips, saving you time and keeping your schedule running smoothly. Whether your kitchen space is large or small, you can use the following to create your own coffee bar—and start your morning off right.

The Space

When it comes to a coffee bar space, keep in mind that you don’t need a fancy setup—it just needs to work for you. That said, your space should be large enough to hold your coffee maker or espresso machine; if you use a French press, you obviously won’t need as much real estate. What you will need though, regardless of space size, is proximity to a water source and cords (if applicable) that are long enough to reach a nearby outlet. While an unused counter surface is ideal for setting up a coffee bar, that solution may not be practical. If you’re short on counter space, you might want to keep your coffee bar items on a tray on your counter (this is especially ideal if you use a French press); when you need the counter space, simply move the tray elsewhere. Or, depending on your kitchen layout, you may be able to set up your coffee bar behind a counter-level cabinet. 

Your coffee bar doesn’t necessarily need to be located in your kitchen, either. If you have space in an adjoining room, you could set up your station using any of these:

  • A console or end table 
  • A repurposed hutch 
  • A moveable cart, like a bar cart

The Essentials

Once you’ve picked your space, you’ll need to figure out how to organize/store your coffee-making and coffee-drinking supplies. (But first things first: eliminate what you don’t use. Donate old mugs, old coffee makers that still work and anything else morning-brew related that you no longer use.) 


If you’re using a console or end table as your station, open shelving or a mug rack on the wall above are perfect for holding mugs. You could also install a rod and S-hooks, and then hang the mug off the hooks. If you have surface space, you could use a mug tree or repurpose a pretty cake stand.

The Good Stuff

Coffee beans, a grinder, pods, filters, sugar, spoons, a measuring scoop, flavored syrups and the like will all need homes on your coffee station. Baskets, glass storage jars, canisters and/or a lazy Susan are all practical ways for storing necessities. (Glass storage jars are also perfect for keeping biscotti and other treats on hand.) Using a hutch for your coffee bar? The drawers are excellent for storing utensils, tea bags and cocoa mix. (Drawer dividers will help keep everything neat and organized.)

Tray of coffee and mugs overlooking mountain views. Storing supplies on a tray makes it easy to enjoy that first cup anywhere.
Vertical coffee mug holder with coffee beans. A mug tree keeps coffee cups at the ready.

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